Voice of a Farmer

Voice of a Farmer - A Photo Essay

After making the move just north of LA to an area surrounded by farms, I found myself passing by fields and orchards where some of the most hardworking folks were nurturing the land. Come rain or shine, heat or whatever passes for cold in Southern California, they were out there growing the delicious food we all enjoy.

I was really intrigued by their stories, so I reached out to "Sow a Heart Farm" and interviewed the owner, Mollie Englehart. The passion for organic farming that Mollie and the amazing people on her team share was endearing and simply impactful. It was a new perspective on farming for me, and I hope it's also a new one for anyone who watches this.

I decided to document this project with a different technique. Instead of shooting any video, I shot still photographs at 20 frames per second, totaling around 3000 images.