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Aaron Smith | Mighty Tree Wranglers
Mighty Tree Wranglers

Mighty Tree Wranglers

One fateful night in March 2023, disaster struck our backyard as our majestic 150-foot Stone Pine Tree crashed onto our house. It was a terrifying experience, just feet away from where we sat. The next morning, the sight of the fallen tree broke our hearts. Planted 70 years ago by the French Family, the original builders of our home, it had become a cherished part of our lives, offering shade and beauty. We'll miss it dearly.

Finding arborists to remove the tree proved challenging. We joked about handling it ourselves with chainsaws and beers, but it was too complex for us. Thankfully, we connected with the amazing team at Your Way Tree Service. They took the job seriously, equipped with the necessary gear and manpower.

Over two days and with a massive 70-ton crane, they carefully dismantled and removed the tree. As a photographer, I couldn't resist documenting the process. The team was highly professional and immensely talented. I ended up with more wood than I'll ever use. After completing our project, they seamlessly moved on to their next job, while I battled a sinus infection from the sawdust in the air. It exemplified the contrast between an artist's work and the hands-on laborer's experience.