"That's What Friends Do" offers a touching glimpse into the enduring 30-year friendship between Taylor and KD. They're like two puzzle pieces, fitting together in their own unique ways. Though they both have Down syndrome, they have never let it define who they are. Their story is an inspiring testament to the profound depth of a genuine connection, showcasing the beauty of a friendship built on understanding, love, and unwavering support.

"I would be so grateful if this project reminded others that we are all a little different and should never be judged by the parameters a label may put on us." - Diane Weis (KD's Mom)

"I hope this project will show the world that people with Down Syndrome are just like everyone else. They have dreams, goals, and aspirations and are the most caring and loving people you will ever meet. Talk to them, ask them questions, love them. They want to be seen and heard, just like we all do. They make this world better and should never be labeled or judged." -Kim DiCicco (Taylor's Mom)

For those fortunate enough to share a friendship like Taylor and KD's, this is your reminder to cherish that connection and make sure they know how significant they are to you.

-Aaron Smith